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Down to the Bayou

PA on it’s worst day is still breezy compared to hell of NOLA in the summer. Dennis and I hit breakfast in the French Market and watched the aftermath of hurricane Irene on CNN. We hit up Decatur St. and we’re immediately pulled into an Asian massage parlor. Happy endings aside, these Asians were the […]

White Summer, Black Mountain Side

A day off the bikes for a day up the Black Mountains of North Carolina. I’m just outside Asheville in a cabin built of vinyl records. Brian, a friend of Dennis’, set us up in his pad for the next two days. He has the most impressive record collection I’ve ever seen and lines every […]

Into the Sun

The journey begins from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. The bikes are packed and ready to traverse the country. It’s Dennis and I on our cycles. I’ve turned my cafe Harley into a touring bike, equipped as our lifeline in case of any mishaps. It’s packing a complete tool set for both bikes, an on-board air […]